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Thu Nov 1 13:31:54 UTC 2007

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Subject: Multiple hunt bells in treble bob methods
From:    "Basil Potts" <basil at nlc.net.au>
Date:    Thu, November 1, 2007 13:30
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Multiple hunt bells in treble bob methods!!!!!

Has anyone been experimenting with such concepts recently? I certainly did
years ago and one of my young ringers has been coming up with "new methods"
on a steady basis. He is more computer literate than I am and his output of
experimental methods is phenomenal.

It seems to me that his ideas might be beneficial to the three 16 bell
towers in various parts of the World (and one 14 bell tower), and I am very
interested in the possibility of advancing my band at Christ Church Saint
Laurence, Sydney, NSW, Australia  to Surpirise Royal via his methods which
have as many as five bells treble bob hunting in a Royal method.

Please respond positively!

Basil Potts

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