[r-t] Runny compositions

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Sat Nov 24 14:54:49 UTC 2007

I notice a G&B peal rung at Clevedon on 2 November and reported in this 
week's comic.  The composition was spliced Dunster, Bristol, Barnstormer*, 
Americium and Gem* S, and Rare Hare* D [* new methods], composed and 
conducted by Alan Reading, with the footnote "this cyclic composition 
contains all 384 possible runs of 4 consecutive bells (excluding those 
involving the treble) at the front or back".

Some questions have occurred to me.

Is this a unique footnote?  Which other compositions have come close to this 
figure?  Have any also included the 4-runs involving the treble?

Are there any methods or compositions specifically designed to maximise 
4-runs in the middle of the change, rather than just front or back?

The methods rung are quite Bristol-y or Cornwall-y, but I notice that 
Dunster has the bells in  mega-tittums at the half-lead.  Could this type of 
feature be useful in half-lead spliced, and has it ever been exploited?


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