[r-t] ELF Composition Generator

King, Peter R peter.king at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Nov 21 13:28:36 UTC 2007

I should like to add that this is a very powerful piece of software that
I have used in the past. I have briefly tested the new version in
Netscape and it works just fine (whereas it didn't previously with that
browser). Spliced composition has never been easier! (it is most useful
for 1/4s as peal compositions can be slow to generate, but not


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> Mark Davies has recently sent this message to the ringing-chat mailing
> list - I've copied it here as it may be of interest to some.  Elf is a
> powerful online spliced composition generator.  
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> Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 12:11:05 -0000
> From: "Mark Davies" <mark at snowtiger.net>
> Subject: [r-c] ELF IS REBORN
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> I'm sitting at home in the early stages of chicken-pox, feeling pretty
> rotten but needing something to do to keep my mind off it. So 
> I thought
> I'd have a look at Elf again, and see if I could make it run 
> in Mozilla,
> after all these years.
> Anyway, it turned out to be stupidly easy, so there is now a 
> new version
> of
> Elf - Elf Undomiel - which should run in IE6/7 and Firefox. 
> You'll need
> to have the Sun Java Plugin installed, but there's a link off the main
> page if you haven't.
>    <http://bronze-age.org/elf>
> I've tried it in IE6, 7 and Firefox on Windows XP, with the Java 6
> Plugin.
> It should work with earlier versions of Java (was coded to be 
> compatible
> with Java 1.1!). I'd be interested to see how other people get on,
> especially on other platforms - let me know at this address:
>    <mailto:elf at snowtiger.net?subject=Undomiel>
> Note that the earlier builds (e.g. Tinuviel) are still available for
> anyone running IE with the old Microsoft JVM; you can get to them via
> Elf Help and
> Version History, or by direct link: 
> <http://bronze-age.org/elf/tinuviel>
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