[r-t] Runny compositions

Stuart Hutchieson stuart.hutchieson at ntlworld.com
Tue Nov 27 18:04:43 UTC 2007

>I wonder if this took
>inspiration from David Hull's composition of Fazeley Junction (on
>http://www.pealcentral.co.uk/), which has similar musical properties.

>Sort of. Since I'm at a loose end this evening, I thought I'd give a
>bit of the background to Ho Ho Ho, which was the chance collision of
>two separate ideas I was working on. I'd had a brief chat with the boy
>Reading a couple of weeks ago about this, which he may or may not
>remember ;-)

Top stuff & nice to read about it's genesis. I'd also recommend the 
not-unrelated 5152 Double Standard D Major by Rob,  particularly if your 
band (like ours) is unlikely to cope well with long sections of split 


(and similarly 5152 Snowball D Major but that's not on his website). This 
navigates the front bells to fruitful positions and then calls O4I to get 
three courses of them. Circa 10 split tenor courses only (of a regular 
method) and a large subset of the music mentioned before. Good stuff for the 
masses! Tried my hand at a similar (simpler) composition for Yorkshire (i.e. 
for mortals). How about some more for other standard methods?

V       M  W  H   2345678

   O4I  -         4365278

   O4I  2  -      4235678

           -      5432678

   O4I     2  -   3425678

   O              4536278

-       3         4735268

2          2      5634278

   O4I     -     (4536278)

    4I        -   2345678


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