[r-t] A test

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Sat Aug 2 06:02:21 UTC 2008

It's been asserted, or at least implied, that these days the Council
can be expected to deal more gracefully with unusual performances than
in the past, at least noting them as part of the analysis--what I
think someone may have referred to as semi-analysing them or something
like that.

Am I correct in assuming that the "Seven different illegalities" peal
that Richard Smith referred to predated the current wording of
Decision (D)E.? That would make the following test particularly
appropriate, though I suppose it applies even if (D)E. is older--it's
the current behaviour I'm proposing testing in the following.

The implication appears to be the RW should publish any peals sent up
to it, and once something appears published as a peal in the RW it
should be analysed, or at least semi-analysed (pace John).

And the Peals Analysis Committee, now subsumed elsewhere, does have a
history of updating passed analyses based on late publication of

Well, the peal Richard described has never been published in the RW as
a peal. Would some representative of that band be willing to resubmit
it, for publication as a peal? It seems perfectly reasonable, since it
was never so published. And if everything then went forward as it is
claimed, or at least implied, it is supposed to do, it would be a good

It's usual for very late submissions of peals to the RW to be
accompanied by a donation to the RW. It would, of course, be
unreasonable for the band that rang this peal to make such a donation,
since it's not their fault it's being published so late. So I'm
perfectly happy to make a £10 donation to the RW iff the RW publishes it
as a peal, even if they choose to publish it in quarter peal format to
save space.

Seems like a good way (a) to test if things work the way (D)E. implies
they should now, and (b) to get the records at least improved a little.

What do you think, Richard?

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