[r-t] A test

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Sat Aug 2 12:10:44 UTC 2008

Don Morrison wrote:

> Am I correct in assuming that the "Seven different illegalities" peal
> that Richard Smith referred to predated the current wording of
> Decision (D)E.?

No, I think the Decision was changed in May 2002, and our 
peal was in Dec 2003.

However, Robin later replied:

| However, Richard is wrong concerning his peal at St. 
| Benet's on 30th December 2003. This was reported in the 
| Ringing World at RW04/81 and was referred to as 
| non-compliant in the Peals Analysis report to the 
| Colchester meeting in 2004.

I'm sure this did happen, so I clearly have the wrong peal. 
As I don't keep personal peal records, it's a bit difficult 
for me to locate the right one, but (from a search on 
Campanophile) my next guess would be 28th Sept 2008, also at 
St Bene't's, Cambridge.  Perhaps Phil can remember in more 

I don't have ready access to either the RWs of autumn 2002 
or RW04/81 where the 2003 peal was published to check 
exactly how they were published.

I would be very much in favour of doing something like this, 
but we would need to make sure we got the right peal so we 
didn't end up looking silly :-)


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