[r-t] History question

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Tue Aug 5 15:45:55 UTC 2008

I have a question relating to the history of the evolution of our modern
view of what a method is.

Today I think most ringers tend to view things like Ilkeston, Granta
and Cam as spliced, possibly at the half-lead.

When such things were first being rung were they instead viewed as
distinct methods? That they appear to have received their own names
would seem to imply that was the case.

Can they not be viewed rather than as spliced, instead as other
examples of Dixonoid type constructions? Albeit particularly tractable
ones that can be easily cast into the form of splices of our modern
conception of methods, if we so choose.

Is this dichotomy of views of such constructions at root the same
issue as whether New Grandsire and Grandsire are the same method
rotated, or distinct methods?

Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
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virtues."     -- F. Scott Fitzgerald, _The Great Gatsby_

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