[r-t] A renaissance in Triples composition

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Aug 8 23:44:12 UTC 2008

A little while ago I wrote,

> OK, maybe you can ring a few more changes, say for a special occasion: but
> generally a peal of Triples is going to be 5040 true and complete changes,
> isn't it?

Actually the possibilities for 5040+ change peals of Triples are a lot more
exciting than I thought. If you ring fewer than 5040 changes, the composer
just gets to pick the changes to leave out - not terribly exciting. If you
ring MORE changes, the composer gets to choose which ones to have twice!

I wonder what the possibilities are, even for a fairly short extension of
about one course, peal length 5096 or 5095? Clearly you could have rounds
twice, which would be fantastic, and with a bit of ingenuity you could place
the second lot of rounds wherever you wanted in the peal, for best effect.
But could you get Queens twice as well? Maybe even other desirable changes
not in the same course, Whittingtons, Tittums? Might be difficult with
Grandsire, but with Stedman?

I would *love* to ring in a peal like this. How fantastic it would be! Who
would ever ring 5040s ever again? And suddenly Triples would start to
compete a bit more with Major for musical expression. A true renaissance in
the field of Triples pealringing!

Damn... I've got a feeling you could ring a true bobs-only peal this way
though couldn't you, by adding a course instead of dropping one... am I


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