[r-t] Further question on multiple covers

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Aug 8 21:08:32 UTC 2008

Don writes,

> My understanding of MBD's thinking on covers and the Norwich Axioms says
> he'd accept this as a peal (modulo length, of course). Please correct me
> if I've misunderstood.

OK, you are probably confusing methods, and compositions. The basic method
is a perfectly valid Caters method by Norwich, as you say. By using special
calls you can ring it to a composition where the back two bells don't
change. But you could do that with any method, with enough types of call and
enough calling positions!

The method is clearly a valid Caters method. To ring it to a valid Caters
peal you ought to have nine (or at least eight) changing bells. That would
be a condition on compositions for a peal.

We've got to stop these bloody rounds ringers muscling in here all the
time... :-)


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