[r-t] Provisional records, was New methods

Ted Steele ted.steele at tesco.net
Fri Aug 1 18:10:52 UTC 2008

Philip Earis wrote:
> The only thing I agree with you about is that your proposal is not thought out. It's a stinker.
OK Philip, perhaps you are right but I think that you and I actually 
have the same aim. It is always risky to voice ideas that haven't been 
fully worked through (especially on this list) but at least they might 
get discussed before the discussion moves on and the opportunity is 
lost. To put it simply my suggestion boils down to a proposal that there 
should be a means of providing for the CCCBR to record, publicise and 
recognise, at least provisionally every new innovation, thus promoting 
development and encouraging the innovators while leaving it to the 
exercise in general to determine through its actions whether some new 
innovation is worth establishing as mainstream practice. Would you agree 
that this is in line with your own aims? How this might be achieved 
would need careful consideration and a provisional list is but one 

Many years ago I looked at the simple major principle 36 X 36.18. This 
gives a neat plain course of 8 sections with back rounds halfway. On the 
basis that "methods are based upon principles" I put seconds place at 
the end of the course and had a method in which the treble treble-bobs 
at front and back with 3rds, dodge 4-5, 6ths in the middle. It looked 
rather difficult to get music out of it and pretty false and it remained 
a curiosity. Had I been able to arrange for a peal of this stuff it 
would presumably not have been recognised because of some decision or 
other. My proposal would allow such things to be recognised, in this 
case as a peal in say a provisional category of  "Miscellaneous Method 
Types" where no doubt it would still remain alongside lots of other 
useless stuff which once looked interesting.


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