[r-t] Provisional records, was New methods

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Fri Aug 1 20:08:23 UTC 2008

Ted Steele:
> Many years ago I looked at the simple major principle 36 X 36.18.
> ... On the basis that "methods are based upon principles" I put
> seconds place at the end of the course and had a method ...
> Had I been able to arrange for a peal of this stuff it would
> presumably not have been recognised because of some decision

Actually, no -- this would have been a perfectly acceptable Treble Place 
method, as the treble's path is symmetrical and visits every place the same 
number of times within each lead.

Which leads me on to an observation -- funny treble paths (such as Ted's) 
are often very acceptable to the CC's Decisions.  Yet not many different 
ones are rung -- off-hand, I can think of Tea-straining (treble bob but with 
places at the back) and a small handful of Alliance methods, mostly rung on 

Is this an example of an area where the CC is not discouraging innovation; 
yet nobody feels the need to innovate?

Which leads me on to the next question -- if the method rules were abandoned 
altogether (an idea which I mostly support, by the way), would we actually 
see anywhere near as much innovation as people are suggesting?


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