[r-t] Ringing Wiki

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Mon Aug 4 17:51:32 UTC 2008

JEC wrote:
> As I have made quite clear, I would like the wiki to be more efficient,
> but it is what is provided by the server hosts.  I simply don't have the
> technical skills to run anything more advanced.  If anyone wants to take
> the wiki over, and move it to a different format, then I shall be
> delighted.

> Graham?

Yes, I am happy to set up and host a MediaWiki wiki. I think that we can
advantage of its superior functionality and presentation features to present
information more attractively, with use of diagrams, photos and variety of
formatting. I would like to make it more accessible to the less computer
literate ringers and researchers, and I hope that the better functionality
may encourage more editors of articles to come forward and increase the
information available. As mentioned, the ability to add discussion on 
individual pages would also be useful for some of the current topics. 

It would be ideal to maintain a set of definitions for technical terms used
change ringing, methods, composition etc that I have been suggesting.

I'll try and set it up this week and start to copy some content across if
Are OK with that.


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