[r-t] Cover bells

Matthew Frye matthew__100 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 5 12:16:27 UTC 2008

> “Peals at any stage may have one cover (or lead) bell that is not counted for the determination of stage or truth. If, however, the cover bell is affected by calls, then truth is determined by treating all the rows as being at the higher stage, and the peal is described as 'Variable Cover’. Reports of variable cover peals shall state the two stages, the number of different cover bells and the number of changes of cover bell.”

What about a peal of variable cover doubles and doubles with the tenor covering? 
Spliced doubles and minor?

> I have deliberately included a constraint here i.e. one cover or lead bell. The problem is, without this constraint we drift away from of change ringing as we understand it. I am not convinced that a peal of Minimus with 12 cover bells at Birmingham would pass “Don’s Test” as it would sound like rounds with some poor striking, not change ringing.

I would not object ringing with several cover bells (though I haven't yet), but i (personally) would object to a peal of minimus with 12 covers, so the question is where to draw the line? If you follow the spirit of the (proposed) decisions then there can only be 1 answer: you don't limit it and let people ring it if they really want to.

> For a similar reason, I prefer the Norwich Axioms definition of a lead, as a method defined with a cover bell would actually be a method at a different stage.
> "A lead is defined as the shortest part of a method which, when repeated, will generate the entire plain course. A lead of a method must be true within itself, and no bell may remain in the same position throughout a lead."

I feel that it's important to keep the "no bell may remain in the same position throughout a lead." as, to me at least, a bell that doesn't move at all isn't part of a method.
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