[r-t] Proposed definition of a peal

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Thu Aug 7 08:14:01 UTC 2008

RAS writes,

> 8) A piece of change ringing, if of multiple stages, is
>    called true as follows. All the stage fragments
>    contained in the piece of change ringing that are of
>    the same stage with the same non-changing bells, are
>    grouped together, and tested for truth as for a single
>    stage. If all such groupings are true, and at
>    most one is incomplete, then the overall piece of
>    change ringing is called true.

Yes, I think this is the same as Don's and Iain's definition, but it is (for
me) much nicer to have it in words. It is also very similar to my
definition, with the exception that you are allowing more than two stages,
and stages more than one bell apart. I think this is a bad thing from the
truth point of view:

Consider for instance a peal of "Singles and Triples". The composition
consists of two extents on three bells, so these changes are rung twice in
the peal:


The remainder of the peal is a true Triples touch of 5028 changes.

Doesn't that look absolutely awful? It's really a false 5040 with six
changes repeated. I do not do not do not like it at all!

Now you could fix this by saying you must always have a whole extent at the
higher stage. But that is too restrictive. It would make mixed peals of
Triples and Major very difficult (very long!).

I think the best restriction is to ensure stages are only one bell apart. So
by my rules, the only legal equivalent to the "Singles and Triples" example
above would be a "Minor and Triples" peal with two 720s of Minor and a true
3600 of Triples. Somehow that looks much more acceptable - it's not an
obviously false 5040 of Triples any more.

A question of degree, obviously, but an important question. The other thing
is that the "only two stages, a stage apart" rule fits in well (to me) with
what we think peal-ringing is all about. If you rang the 8th to a peal, and
it consisted of one lead of plain hunt on 7 followed by N extents of Doubles
with you following the 7th for entire of that, well I don't think you've
rung a changeringing peal.

Let's not devalue the concept of peal or the concept of truth.


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