[r-t] Proposed definition of a peal

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Thu Aug 7 10:51:14 UTC 2008

On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 3:33 AM, Mark Davies <mark at snowtiger.net> wrote:
> Allowing peals where numpties have bonged one bell behind another or rung
> call changes for three hours doesn't sound like something we should be
> doing. Sorry to sound elitist, but we are in danger of being far too PC and
> saying a peal can be any old crap. I don't buy it!

I don't know the details, but I suspect that that (non-CC accepted)
peal of spliced Stedman Triples and Caters rung at Basingstoke in the
1980s was such that it was more challenging for the "numpties" in the
triples than a lot of the peals of Bob Triples that do meet your
standards of complexity are.

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