[r-t] 22, 400 Spliced Surprise Royal (110m) (Re: Proposed definition of a peal)

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Aug 7 21:02:01 UTC 2008

Paul Needham wrote:

> RAS - Surprised no-one spotted this earlier
> Whilst I'm aware of a Peal of 100m Spliced S Major at the Foundry I didn't
> know there was also a Peal of the same length in 100 Royal Methods the same
> day - Would be interesting to know why you'd consider the Royal to be the
> most methods and not the Major?

Just a typo.  I meant the 22,400 100m Spliced Surprise 

> Also what about the all the work Peals of Minor or are you discounting them
> since they contain repeated rows?

I'm discounting them because of repeated rows.  I'm 
suggesting that there aren't really that many methods.  In 
practice the bands generally peals with many many methods by 
combining a small number of over and under works.  For 
example, the 729 spliced surprise minor magic block peal 
only had 45 over works and 45 under works.  Is it fair to 
say it has 729 methods?

The same is true of most peals with very large numbers of 


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