[r-t] Candidate definition #10a

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Tue Aug 12 19:14:17 UTC 2008

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 3:03 PM, Iain Anderson
<iain.anderson at talentinnovations.co.uk> wrote:
> Peal length is number of rows, not changes.

Well, yes and no. It's the rows that are distinct, and there need to
be 5,000 (or however many) of them. If you count all the rows on
either side of the 5,000 changes it's usually going to be false. You
can only count the rounds at the beginning or at the end, not both.

If you added the requirement that a peal has to be preceded by rounds
or followed by rounds you'd get the exact effect you want, I think.

However, another property I forgot to mention explicitly in the
commentary was that this definition does not require a peal to begin
or end in rounds. Someone, I forget who, was expressing interest in
starting a peal from some other row. And I believe at least one band
has rung a bobs only peal of Grandsire Triples (not accepted (OEDJ) of
course) that didn't end with rounds.

So personally I'd be in favour of allowing peals to begin and end
elsewhere. Which is what I think the defintion as written allows. If
that's just too radical for others it would it would be easy to add a
rule that "an acceptable peal must begin and end with rounds" or
however it should best be phrased.

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