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> There is no problem in the normal case when it starts and ends in 
> But, as you have started to hint, there is a problem if you don't start 
> end in the same change.  The 5038 changes of Grandsire that was rung in
> Birmingham would now be legal, but would be 5039 rows of Grandsire (or 
> it?).  I would be very interested in starting one blow earlier than them 
> that you get all 5040 rows, but only 5039 changes.  What would the 
length be
> there?  I assume 5040, which is fine by me, but I suspect not by 
Ian, you've already rung that.

The peal of 10080 bobs-only Grandsire triples had that start, and all 5040
rows (including the opening rounds) were rung before any repeated row came

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