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Wed Aug 20 21:21:30 UTC 2008

PE wrote:

>Thinking more generally, can someone answer this question: how many
>possible treble-dodging major overworks (and hence underworks) are there?
>(treble only dodging once in each place)

>An interesting sub-question is: how many "regular" treble-dodging major
>overwork grids are there? I really dislike terms like "regular", but here
>I'm using it to mean no more than two consecutive blows, no places in 7ths
>above the treble, and no more than three adjacent places in any change.

I ran my Method Master program to get a few sub-answers as follows:

12,299 under-works with Bristol above (346 pealed up to 03/08/2008)
89 over-works with Bristol below (15 pealed up to 03/08/2008)

11,438 under-works with Cambridge above (752 pealed up to 03/08/2008)
294 over-works with Cambridge below (12 pealed up to 03/08/2008)

18,631 under-works with Uxbridge above (327 pealed up to 03/08/2008)
132 over-works with Uxbridge below (3 pealed up to 03/08/2008)

My criteria are a bit more restrictive as I don't allow more than 2 blows in
any place. However, it would appear that there are a lot of under-works and
a much smaller set of over-works. I suspect the lack of over-works is mainly
due to the restriction of no places in 7ths above the treble.

As only 7758 major methods of any kind have so far been pealed, we are not
in danger of running out of methods in the near future!

Chris Adams

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