[r-t] Non-palindromic single-hunt Doubles methods

Peter Hinton peter at hinton.me.uk
Tue Dec 9 14:55:16 UTC 2008

While searching for seasonally festive methods to ring, I have been looking at 
Nowell Place Doubles:

Melvyn Hiller's collection gives a Shipway Bob as the call, but I can't get a 
120.  Can anyone help, please?

The CC method collection gives a Ringing World reference of 66/167, which also 
covers Jack a Napes Bob Doubles; were these originally rung spliced?  My 
collection of Ringing Worlds doesn't go back that far.

Some of the other non-palindromic methods have been named in recent years by 
Paul Mason; I think most of these were rung in multi-extent blocks.  Was that 
how Nowell was rung?

But Hiller also gives variations of Nowell, like Snowdrop (using a Wallflower 
Single).  Again, I can't find any 120s, but presumably these must have been rung 
as 120s, due to Decision (E)A.3(c)?
"Each variation must by itself be capable of producing a true six-score"


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