[r-t] B****r Re: Big searches

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Jan 6 00:40:27 UTC 2008

> I forgot that the method I was using wasn't Yorkshire, it was Rutland

Quite all right Don, makes your figures look even better, anyway!

Here's SMC32 for Rutland:

  283,637,000 nodes,   4140 ms,  68,511,000 nodes/s,  34250 nodes/Mcycle

So your fast search is some 100 times quicker - good stuff. The benefits of
a tuned algorithm are clear; well assuming you can find a bigger search 
space to show them off in. Any plans...?

I've just realised there is one optimisation I can turn on in SMC32 for
this search - restricting the number of Befores to 3 per part max. This

  133,009,000 nodes,   3156 ms,  42,145,000 nodes/s,  21070 nodes/Mcycle

A slight improvement.


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