[r-t] Register of non-conforming peals

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Sat Jul 19 12:10:41 UTC 2008

Several folks have in the past few days referred to non-conforming
peals that the RW declined to publish as peals, and have consequentely
fallen out of the public record, or are in danger of doing so.

I think it would be wonderful if some kind, enterprising soul
undertook to collect details of all non-conforming peals that have
been rung over the years and published them somewhere on the web. What
I'm imagining is a collection of pages, one per non-conforming peal,
with the usual details of who rang what where together with a
paragraph describing how it ran afoul of the Council, and possibly a
further paragraph describing how it would be viewed in light of
current Decisions. The last seems sensible to include, since some
peals that were in the past chucked out would today be accepted;
though it does mean those statements need to be reviewed for currency
every time the Council changes its collective mind again, which occurs
with surprisingly frequency in this area. I suspect such a collection
of pages might be usefully indexed in multiple ways too: by date, by
kind of non-conformance, by Society rung for, by ringer, probably a
few more.

Undoubtedly not all such peals rung to date could be found. The goal
would simply be to gather as many as can be gathered at this point,
and try to keep up in the future.

I'm afraid I have way too much on my own plate to volunteer to do
this. However, if there is someone who would like to, but fears he or
she lacks the resources and/or skills to put it on the web, I'd be
more than happy to offer space on ringing.org and/or help with the
HTML formatting and such. There is no need to take up that offer, of
course, I just make it in case such considerations are an impediment
to someone otherwise willing to do the real heavy lifting of gathering
the information.

Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
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