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Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Wed Jul 23 06:17:31 UTC 2008

Hi All

Richard: You're quite right about the peal in 1690 - it's not certain it was 
rung, but might have been. (I seem to remember the details you give are what 
I remember too).

Grandsire: the impression I get from my reading is that the bobs and singles 
were just part of the method when Robert Roan constructed it. It would have 
been learnt as a complete peal - i.e., a complete 120.

Somebody mentioned bell control. Just remember the first whole wheel isn't 
attested before 1649, three-quarter wheels were the norm which do not give 
the required control to ring much more than simple hunting, so this is one 
of the reasons why plain changes were rung. John Eisel remarks in vol 1. of 
the History that it is difficult to know whether the improvements in wheels 
led to the growth of change ringing, or the desire to move on with change 
ringing led to the change in wheels. Until c1575, half-wheels had been the 
norm. As always, it's likely to be a mix of both.

Best wishes

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