[r-t] Synergy of two threads: New Grandsire meets method extension

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Thu Jul 24 19:45:38 UTC 2008

All this discussion of New Grandsire, combined with a recent rereading
of the Decision on method extension, has me wondering about an obscure

C. 1. (a) says "In this Part it is assumed that the method is started
from a change such that the treble is the hunt bell or a principal

Imagine a method with N principal hunts. There are typically N
distinct rotations that meet the above criterion. Let's call them R1,
R2, ... RN.

Is a legal extension of, say, R2, guaranteed to be a rotation of a
legal extension of R1? Any proofs or counterexamples?

Because of various symmetries there might be fewer than N distinct
rotations, or rather multiple rotations might result in exactly the
same thing. Or if the principle hunts are sufficiently bizarre there
might be more possible rotations. Does this affect the
answer to the preceding question?

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