[r-t] Synergy of two threads: New Grandsire meets method extension

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Thu Jul 24 20:52:38 UTC 2008

Don Morrison wrote:
> All this discussion of New Grandsire, combined with a recent rereading
> of the Decision on method extension, has me wondering about an obscure
> point.
> C. 1. (a) says "In this Part it is assumed that the method is started
> from a change such that the treble is the hunt bell or a principal
> hunt."
> Imagine a method with N principal hunts. There are typically N
> distinct rotations that meet the above criterion. Let's call them R1,
> R2, ... RN.
> Is a legal extension of, say, R2, guaranteed to be a rotation of a
> legal extension of R1? 
Not as currently formulated, though I would expect it to be the case for 
all but the most pathological examples. Another shortcoming of the way 
the Decision is presented.


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