[r-t] Odds & sods

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Thu Jul 31 10:03:25 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I'm still reviewing recent posts.

Mark said "Method libraries, Robin, method libraries" (27th inst.)

Variations don't appear in any CC method libraries - though such lists are
maintained privately. The Libraries contain place notations which can be
easily downloaded into some sort of proving program. How would you
libraryize a 'rules' method?

John Camp: Thanks for the RW publicity, You remarked on my use of the word
'unanalysed'. Thinking about it, 'semi-analysed' would probably be better.

Don Morrison: "The Council, through its various committees and other
substructure, apparently does not understand Decision (D)E the same way you
would have us understand it" and "I find it mind boggling that you appear to
be offering this as a good thing, and reasonable excuse for not including
this peal in the analysis" - the latter in respect of  "Richard's False

I'm sorry Don, but it is increasingly obvious that there are members of the
Council who can't be bothered to know the Rules and Decisions. There was
another example at Cheltenham where one well known composer stood up and, by
his comments, proved he had not read the paper supporting the proposal he
was speaking against. I will admit it was a good few years before I noticed
the importance of the alteration of Decision (D)E but the 'true in the plain
course' was, I thought, pretty generally known.

What interpretation would YOU put on (D)E? Hopefully, with John's publicity,
supra, people will know/understand it. You can't interpret anything unless
you know it, or that it's changed. It's only 23 words!

Have we got any further on with identifying non-published performances which
have been claimed as peals since this Decision change in 2002?

Best wishes

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