[r-t] Grandsire Triples (was old methods)

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Thu Jul 17 17:32:48 UTC 2008

edward martin wrote:
> How's this:
> The 5040 can be set out in 60 blocks where every lead is a common 
> single. The problem then is to link these 60 blocks without using bobs 
> or any other device other than  plain leads.
> Because plain leads exist in sets of 5, it seems to me that we are 
> once again up against the old q-set difficulty of adding an even 
> number to an odd wch can never result in the total being even.
If we replace a single with a plain lead we have to replace a further 
four because of the q-set involving the 'bob' part. If rounds occurs at 
a plain lead head, then so must


But we also deal with the 'single'. Either 235476 or 324567 also has to 
be a plain lh.  At first  sight either could be, but choosing 324567 
means we can't plain any of the q-set containing 235476 - this forces 
the choice for the other four singles, and we soon end up with every 
possible lh. Thus 235476 and the rest of its 'bob' q-set are plain lhs:


Thus q-sets have 10 elements.

However, each q-set we plain rules out another five.
> I think it brings me back to my old gripe about 'New Grandsire' For, 
> as I recall (& I don't recall things too well) when I was looking for 
> as many all singles as poss, I came up against blocks which cannot be 
> rung to Grandsire (start with 7ths and end with 3rds) but would be ok 
> if we called this 'New Grandsire'.
If we plain just one q-set, we join ten blocks together, with every 6th 
lead being a plain lead of alternately Grandsire and 'New Grandsire'. It 
may be possible to get a peal length this way, but I am sure that with 
the limited room to manoeuvre one where all the plain leads of the same 
type would not be.
> But, on the insistance of the current Methods Committee Chairman, 'New 
> Grandsire' is really Grandsire.
Look at the blue line.
> Having initially called "Go Grandsire", when the conducter came to the 
> (New Grandsire) biits, what would he call other than an expletive?
A bob followed by an omit two blows later?


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