[r-t] New Grandsire [was Old methods]

Simon Humphrey sh at keystrata.co.uk
Fri Jul 18 12:30:40 UTC 2008

> > For many methods, singles enabled a big increase in cru's to be
> obtained,
> > and consequently the use of singles in surprise became acceptable and
> > eventually normal.
> This, however, is not in anyway an argument that using singles in
> surprise was a bad idea, surely? 

Absolutely not.  As you say, they can widen the scope for more music,
however you like to define it, enormously.
Historically, if a peal length was attainable with bobs alone singles would
not be used.  For example, Doubleday Croft's compositions of Plain Bob
It evidently took a long time for ringers to come to terms with the idea of
using singles so as to obtain more "music", e.g. having the 6th 24 times
right and 24 times wrong at the course ends instead of just 12 times each
But where do you draw the line with introducing additional types of call?
Nowadays having 3 types in a peal of Maximus is commonplace, but what about
4, or 5, or 20?

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