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edward martin edward.w.martin at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 06:34:51 UTC 2008

There already are 'peal' compositions which have been rung but not recorded
in say The Bell News or the Ringing World (Philip mentioned a couple such as
Maidstone Bob Major etc. Presumably, unless these are printed in some
society record or can be found in somebody's private noterbook, these
performances are lost forever (the so-called 'peals' of Stedman Triples rung
at Norwich including what the Central Council claims to be the 'first known
true peal of Stedman Triples' also come to mind.)
I remember sitting in a pub as part of a 'team' calling out changes of
method for Rolly Cook & Rupert Clark to practice reciting places prior to
their going for a peal of half-lead spliced knowing full well that at that
time it would not be accepted. It wasn't & the comp is presumably lost
I think that while there is a chance of recording some of the noncompliant
performances, it would be of great service to future ringers if they could
be collected and made available

Eddie Martin

2008/7/20 Andrew Craddock <andrew at towerbase.net>:

> Graham,
> I do keep data on some peals/performances that have been published but
> don't appear on PealBase for a variety of reasons.  It would probably not
> be difficult to make these available on the PealBase website.  Currently I
> only have data on peals from 1970 onwards.  I'm sure that my list of non
> conforming peals is not comprehensive but it might make interesting reading
> for some people.
> Now the tricky bit.  What is a non-conforming peal?  Are we back to Steve
> Coaker's definition of
> (1) 5000 or more changes.
> (2) Begins and ends in rounds.
> plus
> (3) Doesn't conform to CC decisions.
> Some people have queried the need for (2) but if you don't include that
> requirement then do non conforming peals include those where the conductor
> calls "Stand" after 5000 rows and the bells aren't in rounds?
> And what about peals that have repeated rows - either in their execution or
> in the composition?  Most people's reaction may be to say "No" but then
> long lengths which have turned out to be false are of historical interest
> to some ringers.
> What about performances that have been published on campanophile and not in
> The Ringing World?
> Andrew
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