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tom willis tompw at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 22 21:05:50 UTC 2008

> Tom Willis:> > What would be included under "method ringing" would include principles> > and diffferentials, so "method ringing" isn't an accurate description.> > Er... both "principles" and "differentials" are subsets of "methods". Not > sure about "diffferentials", though. :-)> > > Personally, I would want to describe anything involving bells moving> > by at most one position as "change ringing"> > Yes, but the whole point of this conversation was that people will still > colloquially refer to things such as jump changes as "change ringing", so we > might as well make the proper usage the same as the colloquial usage.> > Ben > To me prinicples and differentials aren't really methods... they are principles and differentials. Trouble is, "method" does double duty as a general term, and the sort of methods that aren't principles or differentials. (So there are methods that are prinicples and methods that are methods...hmmm...). 
Going back to original point: I would never refer to jump changes as "change ringing". Colloquial usage does vary, which actually re-enforces your point about having a proper term, whatever it might be.
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