[r-t] Methods [was Grandsire/New Grandsire, etc]

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Wed Jul 23 08:20:39 UTC 2008

> Oh, it's the opinion of the listener that's important? A definition
> of ringing that depends on whether me or Rod Pipe is listening
> probably needs more work.

Clearly, you have not been following this thread.  Here's a summary:

People's opinions differ on whether, in the official nomenclature, jump 
changes (etc) should be classed as "change ringing" or not.

However, most people, when vaguely listening to some ringing in the 
background, would colloquially call it "change ringing" without worrying 
about whether it is jump changes (etc) or not.

It would be handy to make the official nomenclature and the colloquial names 

Tom Willis declared that he 'would never refer to jump changes as "change 
ringing".'  I was asking if he would not possibly colloquially refer to it 
as such.

So, in conclusion, no, it's not the opinion of the listener that's all 
important, but it would be nice to have the person listening and the person 
ringing to say the same thing.


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