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> Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 13:08:49 +0100> From: "edward martin" <edward.w.martin at gmail.com>> So this would exclude Alan Winter's .'Cylindrical'. Incidentally he> introduced this to ringers at Washington DC National Cathedral quite a few> years ago and we rang it a bit. My wife gave it the name after realizing> that you could write the changes around a can or cylinder. It was an odd> sensation hunting through bells sometimes at the opposite stroke. The first time I heard the term "cyclindrical method", I thought it was reffering to the fact that you can join bottom (end of one lead) of a method to the top (begining of the lead). That way you get a cylinder, and you can follow the blue line round (going roudn as many times are there are leads in the method). This neatly illustrates the fact that methods don't really have beginings and ends, merely a point in the blue line (blue loop?) where you start. (Which to me, is exactly why starting a method in a different point does not yield a new method)
So if normal methods are a cylinder (joined top/bottom), then a cylindical method is really a torus (joined left/right as well).
My recent string of posts has left me sounding like a nomenclature pedant... 
Hmm... if you have a (normal) method that has reverse rounds at a lead end (or some suitable point), then you can choose that as your joining point, and end up with a mobius strip (although you don't necessarily  go round the strip the same time as the number of leads). If such a method is "cylindrical", then you end up with a Klein bottle.....
Anyone know of a sensible way of ending up with a sphere or the projective plane?
Tom W
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