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2008/7/25 Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org

> I grew up using octal, which my brain still likes better than hex. Of
> course, I also grew up using a machine with a 36 bit word length. And
> 9 bit characters. Ah, those were the days. Maybe Eddie and I should
> start a club.
 I am really sad if all that I have achieved in recent postings is to
convince Don  & MBD that I live in the past. I don't think I do. I am very
interested in our history, it's true, & wish others were also, but my main
interest in composition has always been to concentrate upon triples methods
where for me the extent is the ultimate goal.

 In tussling with what the Central Council has chosen to define as 'Twin
Hunt 'methods I have come across anomalies which the C.C. says do not exist.
They do exist (as I have demonstrated) and need to be included in some
classification. The C.C.'s classification of its 'Twin Hunt methods' is
inadequate and (again as I've tried to point out) based on a lie, or at best
a false interpretation of how these methods work and are constructed. There
is nothing 'old fashioned' about this.

Similarly, in composing the Principle 'Martin's Triples' I wondered how (
retaining the Principle) this could truly be extended to Caters and Cinques
& realised that it cannot, in exactly the same way that Pitman's Minor,
cannot be properly extended to Major etc ( PN:  x 14 x 36 14 x 14 36 14 x 14
36 14 x 14 36 x 14 x 16)   Yet, according to correspondence with Tony Smith
& his quite reasonable interpretation of the current extension code-book,
Pitman's would exist but by ignoring its fundamental principle and shifting
places according to the book & not according to what the principle might
require. It seems obvious to me if to no-one else that there is something
very wrong in the Central Council's premise of desiring a universal
code-book for method construction & extension. Most of their decisions may
well work in say symmetric treble dominated even-bell methods but there is
enough doubt in my mind that their rules & decisions are inadequate or even
irrelevant to most odd bell ringing.
Eddie Martin
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