[r-t] Easter challenge

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Mon Apr 13 21:00:08 UTC 2009

Yes, this is one of the graphs here:
Specifically it is this one:

There are also lots of interesting (and tricky) asymmetric methods that 
give the extent in 2 courses to be got from this graph.  Red Square Hybrid 
Doubles is the only rung one.  The others can be seen here:


Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Sun Apr 12 21:42:44 BST 2009

This is a problem that is small enough to analyse in depth with pencil
and paper (as I did in my hotel room last night). I came up with the
following graph which allows me to find all symmetrical single-hunt
methods whose plain course is the extent.

1A - 1B - 1C
   | x  | x  |
2A - 2B - 2C
   | x  |    |
3A - 3B   3C
   | x  |    |
4A - 4B - 4C
   | x  | x  |
5A - 5B - 5C

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