[r-t] Composition Library

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Tue Apr 14 16:02:18 UTC 2009

I wrote (on 31-Aug-2008 under the subject - Composition Database)

> A composition database and software for input and
> interrogation has been long been needed.


> While on holiday, I gave some further thought on
> how this could be done, and will report back when
> I have produced a prototype.

and MBD wrote (on 3-Sep-2008):

> Absolutely so. A difficult job, I think, but one well worth attempting.

OK - I have now put my money where my mouth is and have developed a proof of
concept for this.

I am today launching the Composition Library Project to take it forward as a
collaborative Open Source development.

For full details, including a 13 minute presentation of the proof of concept
software see:


A much bigger Easter challenge on which to focus our combined intellectual


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