[r-t] Holdsworth Bristol Max composition

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Mon Apr 20 12:41:36 UTC 2009

2009/4/20 Philip Earis <Earisp at rsc.org>:
> I recently stumbled across this extremely neat 2-part peal composition of Bristol Max
> Has anyone seen it (or anything similar) before?

It's similarity to this one is entertaining, though I don't think
sufficient to warrant calling the Bristol Max a reduction of the
Yorkhsire Royal.

5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
James Clatworthy
23456   S  M  W  H
65432      -  -  -
674523  -
42356   s  s     -
53624      -  -
24365      -  2  2
S = 7ths

And yes, I heartily agree, Holdsworth's Bristol is of a "darn, I wish
I'd thought of that!" quality. Just too bad about it missing out the
central leads of the plain course, and thus missing all the goodies
therein such as back rounds and 234567890ET1. Oh, well, the price of
simplicity, I suppose.

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