[r-t] Holdsworth Bristol Max composition

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I did this for Royal back in 2004, rung at Long Crendon:

5120 Bristol Surprise Royal

234567   N  M  W  H
64352       -     - 
56342          -    
24365    2* -     2*
2 part. N=7ths. 2*=bs.
Contains 10 56s, 10 65s, 114 little bell at the back, and 92 little bell at
the front.

Not sure how original it was - John Fielden produced exactly the same about
the same time.

Have you seen this by David Pipe, that produces slightly more than James's
composition, one benefit is that there is more of the plain course (and
24365 course):
5088 Bristol Surprise Maximus
23456   M  W  H
64352   1     1 
56342      1    
24365   s  2*   
2 part. 2*=sb.
Contains 4 56s, 4 65s, 136 little bell at the back, and 126 little bell at
the front.

5088 Bristol Surprise Maximus
234567   M  N  W  H
64352    1        1 
56342          1    
54362       2*      
24365    s          
2 part. N=9ths. 2*=bs.
Contains 2 56s, 2 65s, 130 little bell at the back, and 128 little bell at
the front.


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I recently stumbled across this extremely neat 2-part peal composition of
Bristol Max by a young chap called James Holdsworth.  It uses lots of whole
course to good effect - something that is a bit counter-intuitive with 4ths
place bobs here.

5088 Bristol Surprise Maximus
J W Holdsworth 
23456    M   9   W   H
64352    -           -
56342            -
54362        -s
24365    s

It was briefly discussed on the ringing-chat mailing list a few weeks ago,
and a few people said it's so simple it cannot be original - Hull or
Clatworthy must have come up with this a long time ago.

However, after searching hard on the web (including the complete composition
collections of those two), I cannot find this replicated anyway.

Has anyone seen it (or anything similar) before?

It should certainly be in the RW diary as an example of a classic, musical
and simple composition. 

James' website is at http://james.theholdsworths.org.uk/comps/index.html


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