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Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 16:42:28 UTC 2009

Will Bosworth:
>I've been asked to call a quarter of 'Watson Doubles' as a wedding
>compliment to some non-ringers. The variation has already been named -
>according to Melvyn Hiller's list at
>http://www.cambridgeringing.info/Methods/Doubles/METHVAR.htm . But I haven't
>the foggiest how to decode 1x/c/f/g/h/p/q/k into a blue line - can someone
>explain please? I can't find it anywhere on the (otherwise excellent)
>Cambridge ringing tables either, which seem to explain how several hundred
>variations work. Does it really mean Plain Bob with 8 different calls?
Fraid so, Will. However, since c,f,g,h are interchangeable (as well as p,q and k,j*)
without affecting truth, an extent is easily obtainable, for example:
p   3542
k   2354
x   4532
q   3524
c   4235
f   5324
g   4352
h   5243
p   3425
x   4523
* j being the Plain Bob plain.

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