[r-t] Each and every row? (WAS: multi-peal extent of major)

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Mon Dec 7 23:01:01 UTC 2009

Ander wrote:

> Is there a row of caters that has never been rung?

Probably, but difficult to prove. There have been fewer than 20,000 peals of
caters rung, but that's 100 million rows. It is enough to have rung them all
275 times, although of course most would have been repeated many times.

However for maximus it certainly is true. There have been considerably fewer
than 50,000 peals rung on 11 and 12 bells, and that adds up to ringing fewer
than half the possible rows* on 12. 


*The rows in quarters, shorter touches and call changes will almost
certainly be repeated in peals, and most of the rows in the peals will have
been duplicated too. 

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