[r-t] Alex Byrne composition: correction

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Wed Dec 23 09:42:45 UTC 2009

Glinty: "You appear to have mistyped the Alex Byrne composition of RABS".

Good spot.  The corrected composition is indeed as you infer, ie

M       W       H       23456
                -       42356   6R,
        -               34526   11A, 7B
2               -       56423   3B, SAARAAS, 11S,
-       -       -       32465   R, 5R, R,
                2       24365   RBBBB, BBBBR,
-       -       -       56342   R, 5R, R,
        2               63452   11S, SAARAAS, 7B
-               -       23456   3B, 11A,


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