[r-t] Ben Constant's Yorkshire Royal

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Thu Jan 15 18:20:31 UTC 2009

Mark Davies said  on 15/01/2009 08:58:
> Bobs-only Stedman Triples is a good example. It is, I suspect, much too 
> large ever to provide an exhaustive enumeration - what is it, something like 
> 10^25 or something? Very big, anyway. But consider this thought experiment. 
> Divide the search space up by establishing a large number of call prefixes 
> below which the search tree is accessible. Now write a simple program which, 
> given the call prefix, will output all the compositions from it. (You can 
> assume a rotational sort if you want only the distinct roundblocks).
> Plug all this (the prefixes and the search program) into a server and stick 
> a web front end over it. The first page of the website says, "This site 
> contains all possible bobs-only touches of Stedman Triples". Some small 
> print advises that, because there are so many compositions, only a page at a 
> time will be shown. The user can click "Next" to get to the next page, or 
> type in a page number. There are probably hundreds of billions of pages, but 
> for any one, the webserver will come back after a few milliseconds and show 
> you the compositions.
> Who would be convinced, given such a website to play with, that every 
> bobs-only composition of Stedman Triples already exists?

Won't most of the pages be blank? If so I don't think anyone would.


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