[r-t] New adventures in 23-spliced: DFM

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Jun 16 17:57:09 UTC 2009

I see Don Morrison has just published an interesting new series of spliced 
surprise major, from 3 to 23-spliced:

In Don's words,

"These twenty-three methods are intended to be a more varied and challenging 
collection than Chandler's. All methods are wrong place, and each contains 
at least one asymmetric section. The twenty-three methods have twenty-three 
different place notations when the treble is in 1-2. For the three through 
twelve method arrangements each method is of a different Plain Bob lead end 
group. For the twelve through twenty-three methods arrangements all twelve 
possible Plain Bob lead end groups are present, and none is represented more 
than twice. All arrangements are all the work, and the twenty-three method 
arrangement is each lead different"

These features have some similarities to Leary's 23-spliced composition, 
though Don exceeds Leary's own strict method "diversity" requirements. The 
cyclic 7-part nature here should also be better suited for music, though I 
haven't checked this and Don doesn't quote any musical descriptors.  How 
many of the 96 working-bell run rows (ie 2345xxxx 5432xxxx xxxx2345 xxxx5432 
and of course cyclic rotations therof) does it contain, Don? 

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