[r-t] Proportion of Surprise Methods

Richard Grimmett richard at grimmett.org
Fri Mar 27 21:39:51 UTC 2009

Don Morrison wrote:
> 2009/3/27 Richard Grimmett <richard at grimmett.org>:
>> Do the rules/decisions allow for say the treble and tenor on eight
>> to be hunt bells. If (for example) they both plain hunted then
>> perhaps you could find a method that is extendable to the extent
>> without affecting either hunt?
> Yes and no. It's legal. Mirror Bob Major is such a method, and the
> first (and probably only) peal of it kept both hunt bells unaffected.
> If by "extent" you mean the 40,320 possible rows on eight bells, I
> don't think there's any way to get them with the treble and tenor both
> plain hunting. For example, if your peal contains rounds, as it must
> to be the extent, then there's no way to get any of the rows that have
> the treble in fourths and the tenor lying.
> Or perhaps I've misunderstood what you're suggesting?

No, you are right Don.  I was having a mental aberration.


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