[r-t] Common Grandsire singles in Oxford Bob Triples

Stephen Ivin s.ivin at btinternet.com
Tue May 5 10:51:30 UTC 2009

edward martin wrote:
>>> By comparison, Grandsire Triples is a much easier 3 lead splice, with
>>> the 3 leads forming a bob course.
> That is because the 5040 Grandsire can be set out initially  in 360
> bobbed blocks each with a structure that IS symmetric about the path
> of the treble. Even so, if common singles are used to include any
> block of changes which cannot be joined to the main comp. by using
> bobs, then this block MUST have no plain leads in it for these, being
> asymmetric, would not reverse to give the original changes.
> Cheers
> Eddie Martin
Eddie - this is not exactly true. See for example the CC Collection of 
peals, Odd-bell, treble dominated methods, 1903, where Grandsire No.31 
(p.14) by E B James is shown with a variation which includes a 
singled-in block of 15 leads in place of 5 singled-in B-blocks. The same 
trick can be used with No.29 (p.13) by J J Parker, provided the shunting 
Q-Sets are modified - I called it thus once.


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