[r-t] [r-c] Obtaining Motion Controllers for use with Handbell Manager and Abel

Richard Grimmett richard at grimmett.org
Sun Sep 13 22:48:52 UTC 2009

Graham John wrote:
> I am pleased to say that the initial feedback from those who managed to
> acquire ActionXL motion controllers before the UK supply dried up has been
> very good. 
> To help reduce the cost and time of ordering from the US manufacturer,  I
> have now obtained a UK stock of ActionXL wired motion controllers for use
> with Handbell Manager and Abel. If you would like some, they can now be
> ordered from my website using the link below:-
> http://www.changeringing.co.uk/handbellmanager/motioncontrollers.php

What a fantastic development.  Thank you Graham for trialling, 
developing the requisite software, and bringing this to market.

This is easily, by far, the best development to happen to handbell 
learning.  Whilst a good tutor is invaluable in guiding one's learning 
experience, this gives every 'would be' learner and developer of 
handbell skills the ability to expand their skills at any time, 
anywhere, and in an accelerated timescale.  It could easily lead to an 
explosion in change ringing on handbells, and I think will.

Very well done, from a very enthusiastic consumer.


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