[r-t] 23-spliced TB major

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Apr 30 21:56:15 UTC 2010

Philip writes,

> MBD is right, of course, but not many people pursue this
 > particular mindset with such evangelical fervour.

That seems to be true, sadly. I feel I am singlehandedly championing one 
of the core beauties of changeringing - the round block.

A composition is not a list of numbers with a beginning an end, no! It 
is a perfect loop, endless and eternal. It has the same number of rows 
as it has changes.  And, if the composition is built from whole leads of 
a method or methods, the roundness of the block exists also at the level 
of the structure of the composition. Hence, the proper definition of COM.


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