[r-t] Calls in Doubles

Graham Hayward doublehandler at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 5 22:24:04 UTC 2010

McWomble:"I seem to recall reading an old book on doubles which stated something
along the lines of

pn 1 = omit
pn 123 = single
pn 145 = bob
pn 125 = extreme

One of said calls represented the plain course and the others were
perfectly viable as "calls" for a possible extent."
This is set out in the introduction to the CC Doubles Collection book, IIRC.
It is the case for most (all? I haven't checked the cases for all groups) single-hunt Doubles methods that one of the above will be the usual lead end of the method, two of them will be natural calls which can be used to produce an extent and one will run false (e.g. in Plain B Doubles, 1 is false, 123 is a single, 145 is a bob and 125 is the lead end).
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