[r-t] Asymmetric Doubles

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Thu Aug 5 22:22:03 UTC 2010

Philip writes,

> I've rung a number of peals with 4 or even 6 types of call.

This must be a prompt for me to re-post my absolute favourite 
quarter-peal of Yorkshire Maximus:

1344 Yorkshire Max comp MBD
   64235 Big single Home
   64352 Middle
   63542 Half-lead bob Home
   35642 Wrong
   35246 Half-lead single Middle
   34256 Single Home
   42356 Half-lead bob Wrong
   64235 Big bob Before
   53246 Big single Home

The singles around the second course-end are entirely gratuitous, 
serving merely to increase the number of types of call to six. (Actually 
I'm not entirely sure I've remembered them in the right position: might 
need to be at the half-lead Wrong to avoid falseness. But you get the 


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