[r-t] Wormald's Cut Delight Major

Alan Reading alan.reading at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 4 00:01:00 UTC 2010

Interesting to see the peal rung at York St Lawrence tonight
Another treble dodging major method containing 8 5678's at the back and 8
8765's off the front in the plain course, there being relatively few of
these. The other examples that spring to mind are Edale Delight, Old
Peculiar Delight, Midhopestones Surprise, and Ho Ho Ho Surprise. The latter
is irregular but probably the neatest of the lot. Any such method requires
at least either a 1234 or a 78 pn. Wormald's Cut is notable in that it only
has D falseness, the other examples given all have BD falseness (effectively
in the case of Ho Ho Ho), but it also has a 5678, a 123678 and (being a
double method) a 1234 in the pn.
I wonder whether or not such devices are worthwhile to obtain that amount of
music? I can certainly think of one or two people who would not be very
impressed if I suggested ringing such a method!
I look forward to seeing the composition when it no doubt appears on Davids
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