[r-t] Wormald's Cut Delight Major

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Thu Feb 4 18:17:56 UTC 2010

"I wonder whether or not such devices are worthwhile to obtain that amount of music? I can certainly think of one or two people who would not be very impressed if I suggested ringing such a method!"

I hear what you are saying, but feel the problem lies with these people's attitudes rather than the new method.

Any notation is fine if it is well-justified.  I know this is a circular argument, but you get the gist.  

I would say these places are definitely well-justified here.  Other examples of long notations which accomplish great things would be the 123678 in Anglia Cyclic, and indeed the same change in the double method Skywalker.

Actually, I think much longer notations could be used to great effects in eg maximus.  I'm currently working on a composition that uses variations on the "runs" theme - incorporating in a neat, cohesive whole sections of the Pipe Amalthea 12-part, of winked up minor, and of regular stuff, all to produce conceptually the same type of music, but with very different examples and in very different ways.  I would be really keen to add some plain-change style slow ripple effect to the mix also, but fear that would be a step too far for the more dinosaur-inclined element...

That notwithstanding, the rather forced disdain some people have for certain ringing features they are unfamiliar with, be it contiguous places, or 87s at back, or more than two consecutive blows, or compositions which aren't 3-parts with high CRU counts, or irregular leadheads, or whatever, just creates stifled thinking and artificial barriers to better things.

Here endeth the focus.


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